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Spray foam insulation is a distinctively different product, outperforming most other products on the market. With a professional install, spray foam insulation requires one application to create an effective insulation “envelope”. The finished application offers excellent thermal insulation; improved energy efficiency; and reduced energy consumption.

For homeowners in Toronto, spray foam insulation substantially reduces HVAC demands (heat and cool) and significantly reduces utility bills. The application requires experience and expertise for the best results. Although this is a premium product, the upfront cost investment is worthwhile. The so-called “payback period” is realized in a few short years.

Spray foam insulation does it all with one application

When professionally installed, spray foam boosts energy efficiency throughout the home, while reducing energy waste and energy use. The application effectively adheres to most surfaces and is therefore ideal in the attic and roof cavity. The finished space is entirely sealed and insulated. In the attic, even the smallest gaps, cracks, and crevices are air sealed (unlike other products).

•  the application provides a “continuous” insulation envelope

•  throughout the attic space undesirable airflow is eliminated

•  with enhanced energy efficiency, energy bills are diminished

•  the entire attic is properly sealed/insulated at the same time

•  spray foam provides a triple barrier:  thermal/moisture/air

In the attic, choose Walltite ECO™ for the best results

For the attic insulation professionals at Four Seasons Insulation, Walltite ECO™ is the “product of choice”. It’s a superior product option that exceeds the standards of the National Building Code of Canada.

Walltite ECO™ has an EcoLogo™ Certification and is recognized for its product sustainability and its eco-efficiency. Compared to other products, Walltite ECO™ has the least environmental impact.

Walltite ECO™ maintains indoor room temperatures 

In Toronto, with the extremes of winter and summer weather, spray foam insulation maintains indoor temperatures without those undesirable fluctuations. Essentially, the finished installation blocks warm indoor air from escaping out during winter and blocks warm outdoor air in summer from infiltrating into the home. Indoor temperatures are much better retained and maintained.

Walltite ECO™ is a resilient, long-lasting installation

While ideal for the attic and roof cavity, Walltite ECO™ can be installed throughout the home. It’s resilient enough to install above or below grade and can be used for interior or exterior installs. Professionally installed, the product lifespan is almost limitless – there’s never a need to replace or replenish the original installation (which is the case with many other insulation products).

Walltite ECO™ is manufactured with recycled material          

Walltite ECO™ is fabricated with “polyols” that are derived from recycled materials. In attaining the EcoLogo™ Certification, Walltite ECO™ verifies that there are significant amounts of recycled content in the product. “Polyols” are derived from castor oil without the need for any chemical processing. The product also incorporates renewable content from non-edible crop production.

Choosing a professional for spray foam installations

For the best long-term outcomes, a professional contractor must install spray foam. This is not a DIY project. This product application requires specific expertise and a professional approach in order to yield the best product results. A DIY approach could pose problems and even dangerous conditions. The very best approach is to do it right from the start with an experienced installer.

The cost to install spray foam insulation in the attic

There’s no question that spray foam is a premium product and could be a costly project for some. However, the long-term benefits ensure a worthwhile investment. There is an excellent return-on-investment, mainly because of the substantial energy savings throughout the year. In fact, the initial project investment is “paid down” in a short time with the heating and cooling savings.

With Four Seasons Insulation, homeowners are assured of quality products and installations

With Four Seasons Insulation, homeowners in Toronto and throughout the GTA are assured of quality products and quality installations. When we install spray foam insulation in your attic, our expert team will assess the scope of work and will determine the best installation approach.

In addition to Toronto, Four Seasons Insulation offers FREE home inspections in Mississauga, Oakville, and Vaughan. We will make viable project recommendations based on your needs, and will provide a scope of work and a complete quote based on your specific home energy needs.

Because homes differ in their size and layout, our team of installers makes recommendations for insulation that meet the needs of the home. This is particularly relevant in the attic because of the various dynamics that impact the energy efficiency of the entire home in summer and winter.

Four Seasons Insulation is your full-service home insulation company in the Toronto area

In addition to attic insulation, Four Seasons Insulation offers a complete range of home insulation services. We’ve been in business for over a decade, and our focus is always on quality – installing quality insulation products; providing quality workmanship; and offering the best client service.

For our residential and commercial customers, we do it all from end to end. Our installer teams are trained and experienced in every aspect of insulation. We install blown insulation products as well as spray foam, and we also provide safe and hygienic insulation removal where required.

Residential and commercial customers can rest assured that all of our installers are insured and covered by the WSIB (Workplace Safety & Insurance Board). On every project, we work within a safe workspace and make certain that the safety of our customers always remains a priority.

Find out more about our range of products and services by calling one of our in-house specialists at 416-727-4181. You can also visit our company website at www.4seasonsinsulation.ca where you can request more information and arrange for a price quote on your particular project.

During these restrictive times with the COVID 19 pandemic, Four Seasons Insulation is still providing services but with greater attention to physical distancing. We are taking special precautions with our customers and can easily arrange for a service that is entirely contact-free. In addition to attic insulation in Toronto, our installation teams are available for professional insulation removal, mold inspection, and mold removal.

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