Spray Foam Insulation

  1. How is spray foam insulation applied in an installation space?

    Spray foam insulation is unique – it’s an application that requires a high level of product knowledge and advanced installation expertise. It’s also referred to as sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam, and therefore describes how the product is applied into a space.

    At Four Seasons Insulation, we install Walltite ECO™ - a superior spray foam product that surpasses the requisites of the National Building Code. With a single application, this product will provide air sealing, moisture proofing, and superb thermal insulation.

  2. Is spray foam insulation considered to be a toxic installation?

    Health and safety concerns with spray foam insulation are usually associated with poor quality installations. Spray foam products require special handling, and the application standards are clearly defined – installation must meet the manufacturer’s specifications.

    With spray foam, the installation space must be properly prepped to ensure complete safety for the occupants of the home. The chemical compounds must be professionally prepared so there is no potential for off gassing – in other words a totally safe install.

  3. In comparison, how much does it cost to install spray foam?

    In general, spray foam insulation is considered more costly than other conventional insulation products. However, the “cost-benefit” of the installation is well worthwhile. Spray foam insulation lasts a lifetime – with no need to replace and no need to top up.

    With spray foam, the “pay-back” period ranges from 2 to 7 years. But the benefits are wide ranging:  home comfort and thermal R-Values are enhanced – energy wastage is reduced in summer and winter – and utility bills are dramatically reduced year round.

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