Mold Inspection and Removal

  1. What can be done if mold-infested insulation is found in the home?

    The presence of mold is problematic whenever it’s discovered. When home insulation is mold-infested, particularly in the attic, many problems can ensue, and especially health-related problems. The only solution is complete insulation removal – in a safe manner.

    Four Seasons Insulation specializes in professional mold services – which includes both mold removal and mold remediation. Our people have special expertise and are highly trained. We provide effective removal and clean results while ensuring occupant safety.

  2. How will I know if I have mold in my home and if it’s dangerous?

    By nature, some mold outbreaks are visible (like black mold) and others are not (often without odour). When mold is suspected, it’s important to isolate the source and extent of an outbreak. This would involve professional inspection, testing, and remediation.

    At Four Seasons Insulation, we provide comprehensive mold inspection, followed by lab testing and analysis, followed by recommendations for an effective solution. Our team of experts will isolate the source of the mold, identify any dangers, and provide lab results.

  3. How much does it cost to remove a mold infestation?

    The cost for mold remediation will depend on several factors – the scope of infestation; the extent of physical damage; and the amount of restoration work required. At Four Seasons Insulation, we’ll recommend the best approach and provide an accurate quote.

    Whether you have mold in the basement, in your walls, or in your insulation, our in-house experts can provide the required professional services. For a reliable price quote, call 416-727-4181 or contact us online.

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