Attic Insulation

  1. What type of insulation products do you recommend for my attic?

    At Four Seasons Insulation, we recommend blown insulation for the attic and roof cavity (either a cellulose product or a fibreglass product). Because we offer both options, our in-house home energy experts will recommend what’s best for your particular needs.

    Whether you’re upgrading old insulation, or doing a serious home renovation, our blown insulation products will provide many benefits when installed expertly. Our high quality blown insulation enhances energy efficiency; reduces energy costs; improves comfort.

  2. Why do you suggest professional installation vs. a DIY approach?

    With attic insulation, a professional installation will deliver the very best results. In fact, whether removing old insulation or installing new materials, these projects should be managed by a professional, with the proper training and the appropriate expertise.

    A DIY approach by an inexperienced homeowner, or an unproven contractor, will simply not provide the best results. True - you can save some money with a DIY approach, but nothing beats a professional approach – with quality products and quality workmanship.

  3. Should I remove attic insulation before installing new materials?

    In most cases, it’s best to remove old attic insulation completely, before installing new material. While it’s possible to install new insulation on top of old existing insulation, the best results are derived when the attic space is sealed, insulated, and ventilated anew.

    At Four Seasons Insulation, we recommend a removal/retrofit approach for the best results. We do a full inspection of the attic, we remove old insulation material, and we then make necessary repairs. Finally, we air seal the space and insulate with high-quality materials.

  4. Should deteriorating blown insulation be removed from my attic?

    Over the years, blown insulation will degrade. This will directly affect its thermal value and its performance level in winter and summer. Poor performance requires a solution.

    One way or another, poorly performing insulation should be removed, and new, quality insulation, should be installed. This will ensure optimal energy efficiency year after year.

    What’s most important for residential homeowners is to have home insulation managed professionally. Expert removal and installation ensures the best long-term outcomes.

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