Home Insulation in Toronto

Home Insulation in Toronto

Homeowners thinking about solar panels, solar heating, or other “green” energy options should really be looking at home insulation before anything else. The best place to start is with a home insulation company in Toronto that offers the right combination of products and services, whether it is  for exterior walls, basements, crawl spaces or attic insulation in Toronto. The point is, without quality insulation installed, nothing else will perform.

Why Improve Insulation in Your Home?

Beyond providing much improved seasonal comfort, a well insulated home dramatically reduces energy consumption (heating and cooling). Home insulation has proven to be one of the more effective ways to reduce annual energy consumption – and that means lower costs every year.

Today, homeowners across the country are trying to enhance home energy efficiency in every possible way. Before anything else, a home needs to be well sealed and well insulated. It will stop warm indoor air from escaping in winter and stop warm outdoor air from entering in summer.

When professionally installed, home insulation helps to keep indoor temperatures well balanced. That means that the HVAC system is not needlessly heating and cooling, and not wasting energy. Annually, homeowners save significantly on energy, making the initial investment worthwhile.

Probably the best place to start when upgrading home insulation is from attic insulation and roof cavity. This is because of the associated heat loss through the roof – it’s known to be quite substantial when the insulation is underperforming or if the space is poorly air-sealed and/or poorly ventilated.

With Home Insulation it's All About R-Value

R-Value is a measurement of “thermal resistance”. It indicates how well (or not) an insulation material is “holding back” heat. Understandably, the higher the R-Value, the better the thermal resistance. Finally, different insulation products will deliver different R-Values once installed.

Homeowners looking for home insulation services in Toronto would do well to choose a company that will assess the home and recommends an installation to best suit the needs. This would likely include recommendations for R-Values, as well as proposals for repairs and potential retrofits.

One thing to remember with R-Values is the difference between Nominal Values and Effective Values. Nominal Values estimate the performance of a product while Effective Values are the real performance levels once a product is installed. Needless to say, there could be a big difference.

In determining R-Values, deciding on the product, and planning an installation, it’s best to work with an insulation expert. That’s why it makes sense to shop carefully for a home insulation company in Toronto. The best is a company that does it all – from sealing, to insulation, to ventilation.

If You’re Shopping for Home Insulation Services in Toronto, Choose Four Seasons Insulation

Four Seasons Insulation is a highly regarded home insulation company in Toronto, with qualified installers who are experts in their field. We install the highest quality insulation products and provide workmanship that is fully guaranteed.

Because all homes are different, we will recommend specific upgrades, existing insulation removal and retrofits that best suit your needs. Find out more by calling 416-727-4181 and setting up a home assessment, or visit us online.

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