Greener Homes Grant For Home Insulation In Toronto

Greener Homes Grant For Home Insulation

home attic insulation companyIt’s never been a better time to make positive changes to your attic insulation in Toronto because the Greener Homes initiative is looking to help homeowners ease the costs through energy efficiency grants. Home insulation in Toronto is only one of the ways that homeowners can take advantage of 700,000 grants offering up to $5600 in rebates. Upgrading your attic insulation in Toronto has never been easier — or more economical. Here’s how Four Seasons Insulation can help you access the Greener Homes grants. 

What is Available?

A project of the government of Canada, the Greener Homes Grant is part of a larger strategy to reduce greenhouse emissions — 18% of which come from the average family home. If you are eligible, grants of up to $5600 are available to help you cover the costs of adding new attic insulation or do other retrofits, such as solar panel installation or replacing old and energy inefficient appliances. 

Who is Eligible?

You are! As long as you meet the following criteria, you are eligible to apply for a Greener Homes grant. While the full rules provide greater details, a successful applicant must:

  • Provide proof of ownership
  • Be improving their primary residence
  • Live in single-family or semi-detached home or row home

How Does Attic Insulation Affect Energy Efficiency?

One of the best ways to make a difference in energy efficiency is by improving your attic insulation. Many of us live in homes built during the boom that started in the 1950s.  Original or repaired insulation has either exceeded its lifespan or is no longer to code. This results in homes with roof damage,  temperature control issues, or huge heating and cooling bills. 

Changing your attic insulation in Toronto can significantly affect these three issues and many of the other common problems caused by outdated insulation. Insulation is the barrier between your home and the outdoors, and when it’s underperforming, the slack has to be picked up elsewhere. Poor insulation may manifest as drafty, cold rooms during the winter and hot, humid ones in the summer. It may look like numerous furnace repair bills and results in higher gas and electricity bills as you try to stay comfortable. 

Home insulation in Toronto puts a stop to these problems by providing a stronger, more stable barrier between your home and the weather. This relatively small change can save you up to 30% of your heating costs — pretty good for a renovation that you never see!

Get the most out of the Greener Homes grants by working with the Four Seasons Insulation team. We have years of experience working with government energy rebate programs at both the provincial and federal levels and can help make the process (and paperwork) straightforward and painless. Eager to learn more about these grants? Reach out to the Four Seasons team to find out if you’re eligible to improve your home insulation in Toronto.

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