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When it comes to understanding home energy efficiency, homeowners don’t always appreciate the importance of home insulation. The idea that attic insulation affects the entire house from top to bottom is something insulation contractors have to stress when selling their products.

Homeowners installing attic insulation in Brampton would be wise to choose professional attic insulation services when considering upgrades and retrofits. It’s the best way to ensure high quality products, comprehensive workmanship, and long lasting home energy efficiency.

In the GTA, Four Seasons Insulation offers a range of attic insulation services. We recommend the product and installation that best suits the need and we focus on the basics – blocking warm indoor air from escaping in winter and blocking cool indoor air from escaping in summer.

The Benefits of Installing High Quality Attic Insulation

For attic insulation to provide the most benefit, it must deliver performance throughout the year. In this way, heat transfer is diminished, indoor comfort is improved, and the HVAC unit (heating, air conditioning, and ventilation) works more efficiently.

In addition to insulation, an attic must be well sealed and well ventilated in order to maximize energy efficiency. In this way, everything is working together as a “system” to provide the most benefits. The key, of course, is to do it right the first time.

Homeowners installing attic insulation in Brampton will derive better long-term results with a professional contractor. With a professional approach, homeowners are assured of the highest quality products and an installation that is guaranteed.

  • Undesirable heat transfer will be averted in the attic and roof cavity
  • The heating and cooling system (HVAC) will operate more efficiently  
  • Moisture collection will be diminished with more suitable ventilation
  • Air leakage in winter/summer will be blocked by effective air sealing
  • The complete “system” will provide much better quality air circulation

One big benefit of properly insulating the attic is the lower heating and cooling bills throughout the year. Because heating and cooling account for more than 50% of home energy consumed, even a 15% saving on heating and cooling is a big deal.

A home that is well insulated and well ventilated also prevents undesirable temperature “ups and downs” throughout the home. It means that rooms are less prone to the temperature fluctuations that many homeowners experience from season to season.

Attic Insulation Products and Attic Insulation Services

For the best air sealing and insulation performance, spray foam insulation has become the “go to” product for professionals. Spray foam boosts energy efficiency; diminishes energy consumption; and reduces heating and air conditioning bills. The annual utility savings are substantial.

Spray foam insulation is unique – with benefits that far exceed other comparative products. For the best results, a professional application is required, and installers must be highly experienced with the product. Although somewhat costly, spray foam is a good long-term investment.

Spray foam adheres to most any surface. In the attic and roof cavity, installation professionals consider the application to be the most energy efficient of any product. Spray foam seals and insulates far better than any of the other conventional insulation products on the market.

In the attic, spray foam insulation is especially effective. It’s because the application effectively seals and insulates all the holes, openings, and crevices throughout the attic. Unlike many other products, spray foam insulation doesn’t require additional “filling” beyond the application.

  • A finished spray foam application will create a comprehensive insulation “envelope”
  • Once installed, spray foam insulation prevents BOTH heat transfer and air filtration
  • With improved energy efficiency, seasonal energy costs are dramatically diminished

When spray foam is professionally installed, the application creates a tight insulating “envelope”. It means that the entire space is air-sealed and insulated at one time. Spray foam is considered a combination “system” – an air barrier, thermal barrier, and vapour barrier all in one.

Four Seasons Insulation Installs Walltite ECO™

For attic insulation in Brampton, Four Seasons Insulation recommends Walltite ECO™. This is a superior spray foam insulation that exceeds the pre-requisites of the National Building Code. The product has also been accredited with the highly recognized EcoLogo™ Certification.

Walltite ECO™ has become the “product of choice” for many professionals. It’s the perfect option for property owners who are concerned about environmental sustainability. Walltite ECO™ has less negative impact on the environment than other comparable insulation products.

With Attic Insulation It’s Far Better to Hire a Professional

With attic insulation, it really pays to hire a professional contractor. Experienced professionals ensure quality products and quality workmanship – all designed for long-term performance. Even more, property owners are assured of an attic that is well sealed, insulated, and ventilated.

A professional contractor will begin with a comprehensive assessment of the attic and roof, and will propose an in-depth scope-of-work. This may include repairs and retrofits that are required for energy efficiency, as well as product recommendations to suit the need of the project.

For Expert Attic Insulation Services Choose Four Seasons Insulation

Homeowners considering attic insulation in Brampton will benefit from choosing the team at Four Seasons Insulation. Our people are highly qualified – we install only the highest quality insulation products – and we provide workmanship that is guaranteed to satisfy.

While spray foam insulation might be considered a costly home improvement project for some property owners, it’s an excellent long-term investment. In fact, the annual savings on heating and cooling will “pay down” the original project investment quickly.

Because all homes are different in their size and layout, the team at Four Seasons Insulation recommends upgrades and retrofits that specifically suit the needs. Homeowners will receive a comprehensive price quote for approval, before any work is done.

Today, with COVID-19 precautions in place, our people are taking additional safety measures to protect both staff and customers. Under these conditions, we continue to offer the best possible attic insulation services, but with more of a “contact-free” approach.

Find out more about attic insulation in Brampton by calling 416-727-4181 directly.

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