Attic Insulation in Mississauga

How Attic Insulation in Mississauga Can Save Money This Winter   

When we think about attic insulation, we usually focus on improved indoor comfort throughout the colder months of winter. But with quality insulation installed there are also money-saving benefits.

Homeowners considering attic insulation in Mississauga get the best results when doing the work right the first time. And that means hiring experienced professionals to install high-quality products.

With attic insulation, it’s all about energy efficiency – the idea is to make upgrades and retrofits to enhance overall efficiency and ensure utility savings on both winter heating and summer cooling.

One of the big benefits of attic insulation is the lower utility costs. Annually, heating and cooling costs account for over 50% of the energy consumed, so even a 15% saving is considered a big deal.

Attic Insulation in Mississauga 

When attic insulation is upgraded, it makes a huge difference – and with a professional install, homeowners are assured of high-quality products and superior workmanship. When the project has been completed, the benefits are noticeable around the year and throughout the house.

  • Heat loss is prevented in the attic and roof
  • The HVAC system operates more efficiently   
  • Air moisture is reduced (through ventilation)
  • Air leakage is blocked by effective air sealing
  • Air circulation is much improved throughout

Spray Foam For the Attic        

For homeowners installing spray foam insulation in Mississauga, the benefits are far-reaching. Many professionals consider spray foam as the product-of-choice for the attic and roof cavity. Spray foam increases energy efficiency; reduces energy consumption; and noticeably cuts utility costs.

The benefits of spray foam surpass most other insulation products. And while this is a premium product and installation, the initial cost outlay makes for an excellent long-term investment. In short, spray foam will seal and insulate better than any other insulation product on the market.

Blown-in Attic Insulation

In addition to spray foam insulation, Four Seasons Insulation also installs blown-in cellulose in the attic and roof cavity. It’s an effective application that delivers improved indoor comfort while lowering home energy bills in winter and summer. It’s also ideal for “topping up” insulation.

When it comes to thermal performance, blown-in cellulose compares well with other insulation products. However, for the best long-term results, a professional installation is recommended. The product is both fire-resistant and mold resistant, which is particularly relevant in the attic.

Walltite ECO™ Insulation

For superior performance in the attic, Four Seasons Insulation installs Walltite ECO™. This spray foam product surpasses the standards of Canada’s National Building Code and has been labelled with the highly respected EcoLogo™ Certification. It provides all of the benefits of spray foam.

Walltite ECO™ has become a “product of choice” for the team at Four Seasons. It’s an ideal fit for property owners who are focused on environmental sustainability. Walltite ECO™ generates less negative environmental impact than all of the other comparable home insulation products.

Attic Insulation Benefits

With a quality product installed, attic insulation provides benefits for the entire home. In winter, heat loss is reduced, thus improving indoor comfort and preventing temperature fluctuations.

Attic insulation also allows the HVAC system (heating, air conditioning, ventilation) to work more efficiently and to consume less energy. The result is utility savings in both winter and summer.  

An attic must also be well sealed and ventilated to ensure insulation performance. It makes for a “system” that provides benefits for the entire home from top to bottom throughout every season.

Attic Insulation Removal 

Sometimes, attic insulation requires removal. This requires professional attention, starting with an inspection of existing insulation materials and an assessment of possible replacement options.

In Mississauga and the GTA, Four Seasons Insulation will identify various energy efficiency issues and will recommend product and installation improvements (including reinstallation of insulation).

Attic insulation may require removal for a number of reasons – the material may be contaminated – it may be compressed – or it may need to be replaced during demolition or home renovation.

Whatever the reason for removal, this is work that’s best left to professionals. While the cleanup itself must be safe, there may also be a need for repairs and retrofits prior to any new installation.  

Hiring the Professionals

With attic insulation, the best long-term results come from a professional contractor – they ensure quality products and quality workmanship. While there are definite cost savings when employing a do-it-yourself approach, the results are never the same (and extra work is often required).

Professionals begin with a comprehensive assessment of the space, thus being able to propose a scope-of-work that also includes important repairs and retrofits. Finally, product and installation recommendations are offered with the goal of ensuring optimum energy efficiency throughout.

For Attic Insulation in Mississauga, It’s Four Seasons Insulation

In Toronto, Mississauga and the GTA, homeowners can depend on Four Seasons Insulation for installation work that’s guaranteed. We recommend upgrades, retrofits, and installations that specifically fit the requirements. And we provide a comprehensive price estimate before any work is performed.

With Four Seasons, the cost of attic insulation will depend on several factors:  the product option; the size of the installation; and the scope of repairs. Our expert installers recommend a scope of work that suits the need, keeps on budget and delivers the best possible long-term outcomes.

For homeowners choosing spray foam insulation in Mississauga Four Seasons does it all, installing a comprehensive “foam envelope” that is multi-faceted. It’s a thermal barrier, vapour barrier, and air barrier in one application. The result is an incomparable level of home energy efficiency.

Four Seasons Insulation Serves The Entire Greater Toronto Area 

As the attic insulation experts in the Greater Toronto Area, Four Seasons Insulation also serves Mississauga, Brampton, and Vaughan. We provide attic installation, insulation removal, and even mold removal services (when home insulation has been damaged by water).

Find out more by calling 416-727-4181 or reach out to us here. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re taking additional safety precautions to protect our staff and clients and we’re therefore providing more of a “contact-free” service approach.

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